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Whiplash Injury: What Treatment YOU Need to Recover!

If you have sustained a Whiplash Injury, YOU ONLY have 3 weeks to get the correct treatment, otherwise your chance of Chronic Pain dramatically increases!


What is Whiplash?

After suffering a Whiplash Injury, your spinal Biomechanics Change. This has two primary consequences. We will discuss the first today.

  1. Your tissue needs specific treatment within 3 weeks. Without this specific treatment, your tissue will not correctly heal! This will lead to continued spinal biomechanical dysfunction, chronic pain and further disability.

Changes in healing - Pre Injury Connective Tissue under a Light Microscope.

Changes in healing - Post Injury Connective Tissue under a Light Microscope.

These gaps in connective tissue, result in structural healing with functional weakness. This is WHY YOU HAVE A CONSTANT STIFF NECK!

To avoid this in clinic, we offer 3 very specific treatments, based on your risk factors, the known occupant kinematics of the collision and the vector of the collision.

Risk Factors we Consider

Just the basic ones!

Your initial examination needs to include the following: Otherwise you are getting NON-SPECIFIC Treatment!

  1. Crash Forensics Analysis - How your body reacted in the collision, and what structures were most likely injured.

  1. Physical Examination

    1. Includes: Muscle Testing, AROM, Connective Tissue Tract Evaluation, Neurological Evaluation and Orthopedic Evaluation.

  2. Neurological Special Testing

    1. EEG, sEMG and Posturography Testing.

  3. Imaging

    1. Radiographic Review, preferably Davis Series.

Doctors that know Whiplash utilize these tests above to treatment Whiplash Patients. These tests provide the best evidence to determine an injury diagnosis.

Without this, proper treatment CANNOT be provided.

This is what I teach in my World Wide Recognized, Accredited and Endorsed Post Graduate Seminar Series (the only Whiplash Traumatology Program in the World that has been Accredited for both Medical and Chiropractic Continuing Education - 29 Countries to date!)

What are the consequences of inappropriate treatment? Here are just 2 of dozens.

Example: A missed diagnosis resulting in a loss of Functional Spinal Biomechanics due to Ligament, Tendons and Connective Tissue Injury.

Example of Long Term Spinal Effect with improper treatment. MUSCLE LOSS!

What improper treatment looks like for a Whiplash Injury. This screen shot was taken from an insurance Preferred Provider treatment note.

This will DO NOTHING IF YOU HAVE SUSTAINED A REAL WHIPLASH INJURY! You can tell that your treatment will not help when the treatment is mostly self directed, meaning, a healthcare practitioner is not providing Hands On Treatment for the majority of your visit.

What your treatment plan should look like (what we offer at our clinic per visit).

This is why “ Without whiplash specific training, physicians can have up to 82% error rate in the treatment of pain. “ Research from the University of Pennsylvania.

This is why the your Chance of Recovery Reduces Daily, if you choose the Wrong Healthcare Provider.




If faced with the prospect of back surgery, one wouldn't seek the expertise of a foot surgeon, you would seek care from a back surgeon. Similarly, in the case of a traumatic cervical spine injury or whiplash, it only makes sense to consult with a doctor who specializes specifically in addressing this issues.


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