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Leading Expert
in Whiplash Traumatology
& Chronic Pain.

Dr. Jason Mazzarella | Accredited Online Whiplash Education

“Trust the Doctors who teach other Doctor’s how to Assess, Diagnose, and Treat Whiplash Concussions and Chronic Pain Injuries” 

Dr. Jason Mazzarella


Medical Professionals Accredited Education

  • For Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physiotherapist

  • Accredited CME & CCE Seminars

  • Affordable & Flexible Education

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General Public

  • For recovering individuals or anyone eager to learn about whiplash

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  • Topics include: Whiplash Injuries, Chronic Pain, treatments, and recovery tips

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About Dr. Mazzarella

Image of Dr. Jason Mazzarella

The Director of the North American Spine Institute, Dr. Mazzarella has dedicated his career to the field of Whiplash Traumatology, Assessment, and Treatment since 2006. Dr. Mazzarella's expertise in both chiropractic care and forensic accident reconstruction offers a distinctive advantage in understanding the causation of injuries. This allows him to provide insightful comments on the factors contributing to the injury, while also implementing the most effective treatment methods for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. He has treated and assessed over 50,000 motor vehicle accident patients and actively runs a Whiplash Traumatology and Chronic Pain treatment center located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Dr. Mazzarella has developed Seminars for Medical (CME) and Chiropractic (CCE) schools which have been accredited in 29 countries, including USA Canada and most of Europe. His extensive expertise and contributions in this area are widely recognized, he continues to educate the medical industry in North America and Europe, in addition, improving guidelines in established organization. 


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Whiplash Expert Statement

The Mission:  Pain Reduction & Recovery

Every year, around 3 million Americans experience whiplash injuries, which can have long-lasting consequences. It is crucial to seek appropriate treatment within three weeks of the injury to minimize the risk of developing chronic pain. Unfortunately, in North America, there are only approximately 188 Doctors with specialized training in whiplash, and Dr. Jason Mazzarella is one of them. Due to this scarcity of trained professionals, many patients face delays or receive inaccurate recovery plans, hindering their healing process.

Recognizing this issue, Dr. Mazzarella is committed to raising awareness about the prevalent misconceptions surrounding whiplash injuries. To achieve this, he strives to make education, training, and products related to whiplash and pain more accessible and affordable to everyone. He also believes that pain relief should be affordable and his mission is to ensure that individuals receive the quality care they deserve.

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