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About Dr. Mazzarella


Dr. Jason Mazzarella is considered a leading doctor in the filed of Whiplash Traumatology Education and Treatment.  He is an accomplished and respected healthcare professional who has demonstrated expertise and innovation in Whiplash Traumatology Education and Treatment since 2006.


Dr. Mazzarella has contributed to advancements in Whiplash Education, research, patient care, and public health, by providing medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy accredited continuing education seminars both nationally and internationally to better educate treatment healthcare providers on this topic. 


Recognized as a leader in Whiplash Traumatology, Dr. Mazzarella's educational seminar on the Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Whiplash Injuries have been accredited in 29 countries to date. 

Areas of Expertise

Whiplash Education

Patient Assessment

Patient Treatment


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