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Whiplash Injury and Chronic Pain

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

How a small car accident can cause a life long journey of dealing with chronic pain and disability.

Whiplash is NOT a sprain/strain injury. Whiplash injury is a combination of injury and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system that leads to biomechanical changes in the structure and function of our spine.

Without specific and appropriate care within the first 3 weeks post trauma, your chances of developing chronic pain after a whiplash injury increase significantly!

Once an injury occurs, if your healthcare provider does not make the approriate diagnosis, connective tissue can heal structurally intact but functionally weak!

This can lead to changes in your spinal biomechanics, resulting in the potential to life long pain and disability.

Dr. Kao - Stanford Medicine - Pain Cycle

Unfortunately Most Doctors DONT KNOW HOW TO TREAT WHIPLASH!!!

And this is well known in the medical community!

In Fact, some even think it is a Psychological Disorder?!

Why? Because Whiplash is NOT taught as part of the core Medical, Chiropractic or Physical Therapy curriculum.

Medical Care is reactive, you have an injury or illness and a therapy or treatment is provided to assist with that injury or illness. Chiropractic care is proactive. We look at the changes in postures, spinal curves, muscle length and overall biomechanics to correct pathomechanics before they become injuries or illness. Whiplash is a progressive disease state, and for this reason, combined with the lack of specific training, education and experience, many of these injuries are missed or ignored in the general healthcare setting!

At the end of the day, Research does not lie! With over 80 clinical studies showing that the incidence of continued Chronic Pain after a whiplash injury is well over 50% of those injured, with some studies showing upwards of 88% with continued residual symptomology.

Don't become a statistic, better educate yourself on this progressive disease state today!, Subscribe Now.


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